Popstahl is 100% pure metal. Kitchens made of Popstahl are not simply painted colourfully. The color is merged with the material and becomes one with it: a resistant, low-maintenance and durable unit.

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forever young

New kitchens almost always look nice. But when they are made of Popstahl, they do not show any visible signs of wear, even after years of use. The special filling of the metal fronts and the powder-coated surfaces ensure that the pieces do not deform, bend or fade. Not even when things get messy in the kitchen.


In the powder coating process, the color powder is sprayed onto the metal without the use of solvents. During the subsequent heating of the workpiece to approximately 200 ° C the paint powder melts and fuses with the metal, resulting in a  smooth, robust surface.






The body and the fronts of Popstahl kitchens are made of folded sheet steel. A special filling in the fronts produces a rich, warm sound and a pleasant feel. If you knock on Popstahl with your hand, it does not sound metallic, but of pure, solid material.

sustainable is better.

The production of Popstahl in Austria refrains from any solvents and only uses hydropower. Popstahl can be recycled completely. The highly durable design and modularity of the kitchens also belong to the sustainable concept of Popstahl. The furniture does not deform, even after years of intensive use. Moreover Popstahl can be expanded repeatedly and adapt to new needs. Even a colour change is possible without any loss of value. Popstahl lasts a lifetime.



happy metal

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